X – Men : Apocalypse

I am not really giving anything away here, but at a point in this movie some of the young X-Men gang exit a movie theatre having seen Return Of the Jedi and utter the immortal words ” The third movie always tends to be the weakest ” or words to that effect. Personally I don’t agree with that statement about that Star Wars movie, but was this a knowing wink that maybe this not the strongest of the most recent revisiting to the X – Men universe.

What is it about Hollywood that it seems to need to revisit a good idea again and again until it waters down what made the first film in a movie trilogy great. P.s the curse of the overlong running time has struck again, it has some individually great ideas and scenes but as a whole this movie does not quite work out.

We have had some good great comic book movies this year – Deadpool and the most recent Captain America movie and some not so great, Batman V Superman. This movie sits somewhere in the middle. So now down to business as they say.

It appears that mutants have been on earth much longer than we believed and it seems that Apocalypse ( Oscar Issacs ) has his origins back to ancient Egypt, now he been woken from his long slumber and is set to revisit his vengence on the world which he feels has lost it’s way. He decides that however that he needs a bit of help and calls on Magneto ( Michael Fassbender ) and a number of new X – Men mutants to take over the world and set it to rights.

Professor X ( James Mc Avoy ) and Raven ( Jennifer Lawrence ) are set to put a stop to Apocalypse’s wrath on mankind along with the help of some new mutants Jean Grey ( Sophie Turner ) and one who made a cameo in the last movie Quicksilver ( Evan Peters ), who I think actually is one of the things that save this movie. In fact I would actually believe that like Wolverine ( Hugh Jackman ) before him Quicksilver would be able to carry a movie on his own were the story strong enough. Talking of Wolverine I feel that his appearance in this movie was just tacked into the storyline to satisfy his fans.

I feel that it is now time to close the door on this branch off from the X – Men universe, the story is over long and at times it feels like we are just painting by numbers and all these good actors have done better work. I never really felt the true doom that a good baddie should engender in the audience when watching Apocalypse doing his worst.

Go see this movie if you must to tie up this particular storyline. But like movie popcorn carton that your popcorn comes in, it’s over big and you don’t really fuller after eating it.


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