Everybody Wants Some !!

This movie has got some great reviews from American film reviewers, why ? I think myself that might identify with some of the characters in this movie.

I however live in Ireland and much I wanted to like this movie more, I found myself not really caring what happened to these characters.

If you had seen Richard Linklater’s previous movie that tackled this subject Dazed and Confused which came out all the way back in 1993, you might have been tempted to go.

This 90’s movie was actually the first time we saw Matthew McConaughey on screen and as I watched this current movie I could have sworn that I saw his doppelganger on screen.

I had really liked Richard Linklater’s last movie Boyhood, but this is not in that class.It’s a good movie that taps into nostalgia, but not a great one. This movie is set at an imagined Texas university and the amount of mutton chops on the main characters faces would not look of place in your local butchers. All the female characters are quite lightly drawn and the men find it hard to keep a lid on their raging hormones when around them, hence the movie’s borrowed title from a Van Halen album. I even feel that misogynistic might describe how the male of the species come across.

This movie in fact has shades of other 80’s movies that also examined American college life and I think the director and writer wanted to tap into this wellspring, but I don’t quite think he pulled it off. There have been other movies that have done this better to be sure.

I recently caught the previously mentioned Dazed and Confused on the TV recently, it I believe despite some faults is a much better movie. So while I did find myself laughing from time to time. I also found myself looking at my watch while the movie was on, which is never a good sign. That never happened when I went to see Boyhood and that had a much longer running time, oh dear !!




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