Florence Foster Jenkins

Well it turns out that Meryl Streep can sing after all, though portraying the part of Florence Foster Jenkins you might think that she was is need of some vocal coaching.

Who was Florence Foster Jenkins you ask ? Well she was a well connected New York socialite who could be seen at every upper class social event in that city, her particular love was opera and she not afraid to tread the boards herself.

You have to love our dear Florence, her internal singing sounded sweet to her, but this was not what the rest of the world heard when she opened her mouth. It is not to tell a lie but she really could not sing, but Florence continued on none the less.

Was it a case that those around Florence cossetted her from the truth for either monetary or personal reasons, who knows ? While you will find yourself at times, like the audience who witnessed her performances in person, giving out the odd nervous laugh. You will come to love and warm to her story and may even give out a little cheer at the end.

Meryl Streep as usual is on top form as Florence and Hugh Grant is also worthy of a mention as her husband. Those who watch the TV series The Big Bang Theory will also recognize Simon Helberg ( Howard to his friends ) portraying the part her piano accompanist.

It was a case of ” The Emperor’s New Clothes ” with Florence’s performances, which became the stuff of legend and she is still popular to this day despite her lack of singing talent, in fact the records that she recorded were a top seller for the record company who committed them to vinyl. No matter that Florence could not sing and by end of this movie that won’t matter to you either. A touching, affecting and truly humorous tale. Sing on Florence !!


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