Captain America :Civil War

Well it was about this time last year that I reviewed Marvel Avengers Assemble and well I was a bit underwhelmed to say the least and also after the recent DC Batman V Superman movie, to say that I was nervous was an understatement.

Well whether anyone was listening to me at Marvel / Disney HQ, I am happy to report that this is a much more successful film than the most recent DC movie, which I suppose is kind of interesting as it happens that the set up is quite similar, two superheroes fighting against each other.

One of the basic premises of this movie is how far you will go to protect a childhood friend, even if this conflicts with your current superhero buddies.

It also appears that the authorities are a bit miffed at the Avengers and the collateral damage that they tend to leave in their wake and want more control on their actions.Captain America ( Chris Evans ) being the good all American hero that he is, feels a lot more comfortable defending freedom with a free hand. Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr ) feels however that working with authorities is the better route and therein the conflict begins between the members of the Avengers.

Going back to a movie that I had mentioned earlier Avengers Assemble, one gripe with that movie I had was that I felt certain superhero sidekicks had been added into that movie to just bulk out certain scenes. Which is kind of interesting as one or two of these reappear in this movie but this time have been given much meatier roles with some new introductions that actually unlike the previously mentioned movie add considerably to this movie.

If I did have one note of criticism about this and quite a few other superhero movies, do we really need to sit on our cinema seats for 2 hours plus. I am sure that these stories could be told perfectly well with a much shorter running time. But is that just me !!

Marvel it seems have got it just right with this one, a nice addition to the movies that came before in the Captain America series of movies and good popcorn fun to boot. The deep and meaningful movies are for another day, sometimes we just want to be entertained.



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