How Home Movies Have Changed

Well I have yet to go the movies this week, so I thought instead that I would look at how we watch movies at home has changed utterly from how our parents or grandparents may have watched them.

Well I am just about old enough to remember a time when the height of sophistication regarding home entertainment was to have a relation who had a Super 8 projector or a slide projector. You robbed your whitest sheet off one of the beds and secured it to the biggest wall you had. Then you went into your dining room and struggled with chairs that were far too big for you. It resembled musical chairs and then you were treated to granny and grandad’s trips around the world.

Fast forward to the 80’s ( nice little movie pun there ) and the battle between VHS and Betamax format VCR machines and tapes. My auntie had a Betamax VCR which in time she had to replace as VHS became the dominant format. Only people like the BBC stuck with the Betamax format as this was actually far superior quality to VHS, but I digress.

One of my first video experiences was Flash Gordon that was camper than a scout jamboree, but had a great music soundtrack by Queen and the immortal line ” Gordon’s Alive !! ” uttered by winged actor Brian Blessed. VHS at home has a lot to answer for as many local cinemas could not survive this onslaught and have now become supermarkets, furniture stores or bingo halls, but thankfully in time film had the last laugh as we now like nothing better than to frequent our local multi screened megaplex.

Then one day I went into my local Virgin Megastore in Dublin back in the mid 90’s and saw a thing that resembled a 12″ vinyl record but was very shiny – this was a laser disc which in time got replaced by DVD’s which were about the same size as their audio cousins.To this day I still have far too many DVD’s which are now gathering dust as I no longer own a DVD player.

Well now right up today and thanks to high speed broadband, stadium sized screens and plethora of on demand providers even downloading is being superseeded by streaming movies.

It will be very interesting to see what happens next and I hope you enjoyed my little diversion down memory lane. Normal service will be resumed next week.
























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