Eddie The Eagle

Ever wanted to watch a movie that left you with a smile on your face, if that’s you then Eddie The Eagle is the movie for you.

This movie is based on a true story – so goes the tagline at the start of the movie, no surprise there as many more movies have used that particular tagline before. This is however is a rose – tinted glasses version of the life story of Micheal ‘ Eddie The Eagle ‘ Edwards and as it happens that was a view that a movie of some years ago Cool Runnings adopted and was also set at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary as it happens, but I digress.

Most of when growing up have dreams of being something great when we grow up. Now as we all know many of us never persue those childhood dreams once we move into adulthood, mine was to be a steam train driver. But that was not Eddie, he dreamed of being an Olympic competitor and for every knockback and setback he encountered along the way that just seemed to spur him on all the more.

He eventually settled on being an Olympic ski jumper. Even once he had managed to jump the initial qualifying distance to compete for the Winter Olympics and thought once he tried that ” Well that wasn’t too hard “, he could not help looking further up the hill to the 70 and 90 metre jumps – that’s extremely high folks !! I am sure like me, if you go and see this movie you will spend some of the movie being tempted to shout at the screen ” Eddie for your own safety, don’t do it !! ”

Well for those who don’t the story very well, if I said Olympic ski jumper to you – ‘Eddie The Eagle Edwards ‘ would not spring to mind. He wore the sort of glasses that you might expect your grandmother to wear and was rumoured to have to worn extra socks to fit into the ski boots and was not the svelte image of your typical Olympic competitor.

Taron Egerton perfectly inhabits the persona and boundless energy of ‘ Eddie The Eagle Edwards ‘ and this in part is why you can’t help liking this movie. Hugh Jackman plays the part of his coach, who has seen better days and has a very large chip on his shoulder against his own former mentor and coach, but Eddie looks up to.

Well all I can about this movie is that if you don’t have a grin on your face the size of a Cheshire cat by the end, there is something wrong.

Make yourself happy, just go and see it !!




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