10 Cloverfield Lane

Well the movie that I thought that I was going to review was not quite as good as I hoped for, so in case you have yet to see it. I thought that I would review a movie that came out early last week which I saw and thought was rather good.

We all know that J.J Abrams created a movie called Cloverfield, which was one of the better so – called found footage movies that became popular a number of years ago. So how do you follow that up. Not so much a sequel, more a story that occurred in the same time frame but not necessarily the same zip code. The movie is directed by Dan Tractenberg.

As the movie opens, we find Michelle ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead ) gathering up her belongings in a New Orleans flat. Her relationship has broken down and she heads off out of the city. As she traverses down the road, she is blind – sided by an unknown vehicle.

Some time later she wakes up in a concrete bricked room and is shackled to a bed. What has happened she wonders ? Not long after the room’s heavy metal door is opened from outside by Howard ( John Goodman ) one of the two men inside an underground doomsday bunker, who has been preparing for this day for many years. He informs her that a massive attack has taken place above ground and the safest place for her to stay is to in the bunker with him and the other occupant.Howard treats her well to begin with, but any deviation from good behaviour and his self – imposed bunker rules causes him to reveal his real face to her.

She becomes increasingly more and more unsettled by Howard’s irratic behaviour and can’t escape the feeling that all is actually okay above ground. Once she gets to look through the one bunker porthole window eventually she has her thoughts confirmed, she thinks. She then comes to believe over time that she is in fact being held prisoner in the bunker by Howard. She must escape the bunker at the first opportunity.

Well to tell you more would spoil the ending, but as you watch this movie you can’t help putting yourself in Michelle’s position and you also become sure that what she believes is actually the truth.

But what is really happening above ground ? What do you believe ? Are there only monsters above ground ?

A truly creepy movie and guaranteed to unsettle you, but none the less enjoyable because of that. I for one can now no longer see actor John Goodman as the jovial dad from the TV series Roseanne. I am sure also like me after watching this movie that you won’t be able to listen to the 80’s pop tune ‘ I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany in the same way ever again !!



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