Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

First of all apologies for being a little late with this review.

No you did not read it wrong, there are zombies in this costume drama or should I even be writing this the other way around.

Most adaptations of Pride and Prejudice start ” It is a truth universally acknowledged … ” and then we are introduced to the Bennett family, but this version is a little different. I have never seen the Bennett household so well defended.

This movie is based on the comic novel of the same name written by Seth Grahame – Smith which itself is based on the novel by Jane Austen, she must be turning in her grave with this adaptation ( intentional zombie pun there readers ).

If you know the story of Pride And Prejudice this movie and the book pretty much sticks to the outline of the original text, where it differs is that the Bennett sisters have been trained in martial arts in the far east and are very adept with muskets and their maintenance. They are also quite handy with knives. All this is to keep the constant zombie hordes at bay from the Bennett property.

The city of London has also become fortress like with only one bridge in and out after the zombie plague arrived on English shores from the New World on a ship.

The Bennett sisters however, between the zombie invasions are all in search of a man to wed and like nothing better than attending the odd ball. Mr Darcy ( Sam Riley ) is his usual sullen self but does catch the eye of Elizabeth Bennett ( Lily James ) thanks to being quite adept at killing off the odd zombie or two. After a bit of twoing and frowing and a great deal of misunderstanding and one or two zombie battles the pair finally hook up, fall in love and join forces to try and defeat the zombies one last time.

Well given the name of the movie, you will have to suspend belief from the beginning and your enjoyment of the movie will depend on this. Just one note of caution however, make sure when your mother or great aunt ask the name of this movie, at first they may want to accompany you to the cinema, resist the temptation to bring them. After all there’s bound to another Pride And Prejudice adaptation along soon and that’s the one you should recommend to them !!


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