Just let me say before I get into the review unlike a lot of the most recent superhero movies from Marvel and other studios this is one that you will not be able to take your children to, in fact even the younger teenage market that most of these movies seem to be specifically aimed at these days will not be able to view this movie either. It’s a 16 cert in Ireland and I am sure something similar could be said for both the UK and the US.

This movie has been a long time in getting to the screen, if the talk is to be believed 10 years in fact. If you like your superhero cleancut and a goody – goody, well this movie is probably not for you. If however you like yours a little rough and darker, then rock up to the cinema with money in hand and you are in for a good trip to the movie.

From the minute the credits roll you know that this is not your typical superhero movie, none of the main characters are named, just a smart quip is inserted in it’s place.

We find Wade Wilson  ( Ryan Reynolds ) a.k.a Deadpool at the start of the movie fighting it out with unnamed baddies and he is full of quick one-liners and comebacks.

As with most superhero movies that are telling an origin story, we then find out how Deadpool came to be. It turns out that he has been given bad news on the health front after just hooking with the girl of his dreams Morena Baccarin ( Copycat ) and takes up an offer from an unnamed man in black who promises to cure him. During this he encounters the villain of the peace Ajax  ( Ed Skrein ) , who has given him a face like the dark side of the moon and also making him invincible.

Deadpool is none too happy with his new makeover and seeks out Ajax in the hope that he can reverse what has been done to him and to seek his revenge. In a side story he is being tempted to join up with the X – Men universe by Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, but Deadpool being the superhero he is, though he doesn’t like that title. He does his best to resist their advances but finds that he can’t defeat Ajax without their help.

This movie knows the audience that it is playing to and takes great delight in giving them what they want with a twisted sense of humour for good measure.

P.s Like a lot of other Marvel movies don’t be tempted to rush out unless you have a bus or a train to catch.But stay till the end credits roll. Not to find out what happens next, but for a cheeky 80’s John Hughes movie reference, certainly sent me out of the cinema with a smile on my face.


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