Zoolander 2

It has been quite a few years since Ben Stiller gave us Derek Zoolander’s first outing, so you are probably asking yourself did we need a Zoolander 2, well based on this current film I will not be counting the days till Zoolander 3 comes out. A bit like the character Ben Stiller portrays, a beautiful looking film fashion wise but don’t look too deeply for an in depth story.

To say that this movie is celebrity cameo heavy is an understatement. In the first movie the spotlight was shone on the fashion industry, in this movie it seems that half the fashion and celebrity world is in on the joke.

At the start of the movie it seems that something or someone is killing off worldwide celebrities, what to do. Find Zoolander – who as he describes himself now as a hermit crab thanks to his wife’s death and losing custody of their child some time ago. Now in the present day Zoolander tracks down Hansel ( Owen Wilson ) and they hook up with Valentina ( Penelope Cruz ) from Interpol’s Fashion Police and head to Rome and alsoto try and reconnect with his now teenage son.

It turns out that their fashion nemesis Mugatu ( Will Ferrell ) is behind this secret organisation and has enlisted the help of fashion’s great and good on the premise of having discovered the mythical Fountain Of Youth and the chosen one.

As I said earlier the movie is most memorable for it’s celebrity cameos and you find your self going ” How did they get them to do that “.

But also for some great comic performances. In particular Kristen Wiig as a practically unintelligble and unrecognisable – possibly German fashion designer and Benedict Cumberbatch as a – ‘ well we can’t tell what gender it is eyebrowless ‘ – supermodel. The admission price is worth it for those performances alone.

This is slight movie with not much substance behind it and if that’s what you are looking for in a night’s entertainment no problem, but a bit like peering into Zoolander’s brain there’s little there.

The most memorable thing about this movie is maybe that it is now in the Guinness Book Of World Records for the longest selfie stick selfie photo. Mmmh !!




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