The Big Short

Whether you were affected by the recent economic downturn or not, how do you explain exactly what happened to the average man in the street. Well director Adam Mc Kay comes at it from a humourous standpoint, whether this works or not will depend on your point of view and you will either come out in disgust at how the authorities dealt with what happened or laugh at what happened because it was so serious and you can’t see other way of viewing it. The movie reminds you as well that this is only what happened in America.

Adam Mc Kay, director of Anchorman does not seem the first obvious choice to tackle such a serious subject but maybe his look at the dire financial situation and what happened after, is as good a choice as any worthy documentary might examine it. I for one liked his take on it.

The movie comes at the story from the point of view of a number of characters. Christian Bale manages a fund manager who plays trash metal at top volume in his office. Steve Carrell plays cynical head of a trading firm who single handled wants to save the world from itself. Brad Pitt plays a Wall Street trading whizzkid who has decided to step back from it all, but is convinced back into the financial world by two young bucks who started it all from a garage. At certain points in the movie, the fourth wall is employed to explain how complex the financial house of cards came to be. Margot Robbie in a bubble bath, chef Anthony Jourdain and ex-Disney star Selena Gomez at a gambling table in Las Vegas are all employed to explain it to us.

What you may ask did these people do to have a movie made, well the answer is when the rest of the world was carrying on like the party would never end, they bet against the house taking out insurance and investing their investors money that one day the financial market would wake up one day with one serious hangover. In essence they saw the financial crash before it took place and placed their bets.

This is not the first movie to tackle this subject, another example being Margin Call from a few years ago and the more recent The Wolf Of Wall Street. This movie can be quite a hard watch at times, but stick with it and you will get a great story well told.



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