Just let me say if you have yet to see this movie, it is not the movie you think it is before you walk through the cinema doors.

Apologies,before I start this movie review I am biased in favour of this movie due to the fact that I am Irish and so is this movie. Well actually a Irish / Canadian co-production but I am splitting hairs. I really liked Lenny Abrahamson last movie, the quirky left of field but enjoyable Frank.

Five year old Jack ( Jacob Tremblay ) lives in a room with Ma ( Brie Larson ), this is all he has known all his life and assumes what he sees on TV is made up and fantasy and that the room is the world and all it contains from time to time he is put in a cupboard by Ma when Old Nick comes to visit.

Then one day his mother sits him down and tries to explain to him that there is a greater world out there and that they must escape the room. This is only half the movie, another movie might stop the story at this point but Room continues the story and examines what happens next.

I watched this movie from the point of the young boy. You may when you go to see it come at from a different perspective, but which ever perspective you view it from it’s a great and affecting story. I myself think the actor who plays the boy has been somewhat forgotten in the plaudits for other actors in this film. The very fact that this is the first movie that he has tackled makes the story all the more impactful.

When we go to the movies, more often than not we want something escapist but do yourself a favour and expand your mind and absorb the great movie that this is.



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