An interesting tends to happen about this time every year as we are in the midst of awards season. More often than not you get one movie that you would like to see that week. But I had to think about which movie to review as there were three movies that are all worthy of review and I may come back to the other two later in the week. If I don’t, those movies are The Revenant – worthy of an award for the cinematography alone, the other being Room which I have yet to catch but I may be biased on waving the flag for this one as I am Irish and we seem to have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the Oscar nomination nods announced earlier in the week.

How do you breathe new life into a franchise that has now reached number seven, I think maybe after number two, the movies may have lost some of their sparkle but this one actually relates to events that happened in movie number four.

Do you have to seen all the movies in the series ? Well that might be a partial no, but might be worth revisiting the first one at least if for no other reason than nostalgia. You might be literally punch drunk if you happen to want to tackle all six.

We find Adonis Creed played by Michael. B. Jordan in search of a new boxing mentor to inspire him. He alights on Rocky Balboa ( Sylvester Stallone ) who has now retired from his days in the ring and is not too ready to revisit those days. Rocky and Apollo Creed – Adonis Creed’s  father had traded blows previously in the ring before and does not seem like the obvious choice for a mentor.

It would have been so easy for this movie to wallow in nostalgia of what came before but thanks to great direction and good storyline it doesn’t do that. It sets up a new storyline which may lead to more we think depending on how this one does in the box office.

Whether you are coming to this movie for the first time or you are of an age to have seen the first movie neither will be disappointed. So if you are wondering what to go see at the movies this week, don’t forget check this one out also.



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