The Hateful Eight

Just let me say at the outset that while I have seen a lot of Quentin Tarantino movies I do not bow at the feet of him like quite a lot of Hollywood seem to do. In that vein,Quentin before you start your next movie maybe someone should be with you in the editing suite. A bit of cutting of the running time might have helped. Ok rant over.

So at the start of the movie, we find a stagecoach making it’s way through the snowy wilds of Post civil war Wyoming. Within the stagecoach is contained John ” Hangman ” Ruth ( Kurt Russell ) and his female prisoner Jennifer Jason Leigh who is being brought to Red Rock to be tried and hanged for a crime that is never outlined. They come across another bounty hunter played by Tarantino regular Samuel L. Jackson in the snow who is also making his way towards Red Rock and has lost his horse along the way.

After a bit of very nervous negotiations The Hangman decides to allow the other bounty hunter into the stagecoach. They also pick up another wayward soul along the way who says that he is to become the new sheriff in town.

Thanks to a bad blizzard the party are forced to stop off at a halfway-cabin called Minnie’s Haberdashery. On arriving, they are not the first to arrive and find four strangers already there.

Pretty much the rest of the movie’s running time takes place within the cabin and almost Agatha Christie like, now that they are confined within the cabin each person starts to question if the other people that they find themselves in the cabin with, are they who they say they are.

Well it won’t surprise you that being a Quentin Tarantino movie that any action that happens will not go lightly on the violence, so be prepared for that or may pick a different movie to go and see.

Quentin at first, when starting to sit down to write this movie said he intended this story to be a sequel or a follow on from his last movie Django Unchained but decided that this movie worked better if he removed the hero from the story. It meant that you really have no one that you can say that you might like within this movie as they all have their fault. Whether you think that this works I shall leave up to you, but I for one ended up not really caring about what happened to any of them.

Is this movie his best, no I actually preferred his mentioned previous movie more and it is clear that Quentin is a fan of all things movie related.

His hardest job might be however in convincing us whether this is our movie of the week as the modern audience, don’t really warm to the western genre anymore no matter how good the storyline is.


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