My Movies For 2016

Welcome back movie fans and I hope you had a great Christmas and have recovered from the New Year festivities. I thought before my starting into reviewing this year’s movie offerings I would look at some of the choices you will have to look forward to this year. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list and the dates may change and are based on Irish cinema openings. Some of these will not appear in any awards listings but are more likely to be popular with the cinema going public, so here goes.

Jan 8th – The Hateful Eight – Just hope that this time next week I am not saying ” I Hate The Hateful Eight “, don’t disappoint us Quentin.

Jan 15th – Creed – The talk has been good about this movie.Even though I am not a boxing fan looking forward to this one.

Also coming out on the same day Irish director Lenny Abrahamson’s new release Room. I think this one will appear in the Oscars list this year and we might even be competing against ourselves this year with Brooklyn.

Feb 10th – Get one back on your other half for dragging you to Fifty Shades Of Grey that came out about this time last year, Deadpool is out on this date. However they may just want to go thanks to Ryan Reynolds.

Feb 26th – Hail Caesar – Thanks to the Coen Brothers, it probably has little to do with the greatest days of the Roman Empire.

March 25 – Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice. Hopefully this one is not just made to satisfy the fans but might actually be a good movie.

Also out the same day Zootropolis – have you ever wondered what your pets do while you are at work ? Disney thinks it does. One of the best trailers I have seen in a long time. Hope the movie follows this.

April 29th – Captain America : Civil War. Go Cap, Go Marvel !!

May 19th – X Men : Apocalypse – Hopefully not a case of art imitating life.

June 24th – Independence Day: Regurgence. Ooops I meant to type Resurgence !!

June 15th – Ghostbusters – with a female twist.

June 22nd – Star Trek Beyond – Justin Lin steps into the director’s chair. J. J Abrams was off making some other movie, wonder what that was now let me think….

July 29thJason Bourne is back, no proper title yet. Matt Is Back anyone ?

Aug 5th – Suicide Squad – may have to visit my local comic book store for this one to find out who they are.

Sept 16th – Bridget Jones Baby – About time too Bridget, people were starting to talk.

Oct 28th – Doctor Strange – I feel another trip to the comic book store is due.

Dec 16th – Rogue One : A Star Wars Story – Even without the current title in your local multiplex and it’s current box office numbers, do I even need to finish this sentence and we have even yet to see a trailer. How many times have you seen The Force Awakens ?




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