Star Wars – My Story

I had mused on how I was going to review Star Wars – The Force Awakens without including any spoilers for those who had not seen it yet. What do you mean you have not seen it yet !!

Well I came to a decision. It is most likely that you will go and see it regardless of my review, so I decided that instead I will tell you my personal story of Star Wars way back in the mists of time in 1977, yes readers I am that old.

As I had just mentioned, the year is 1977 – flares and glam rock were in their heyday and disco was most people’s music of choice.

Picture the scene I am 9 years old being brought to the cinema by my Dad, my sister may have also come but time has dulled my memory, so sorry sis. We went to a cinema in Dublin city centre called the Metropole, now still a cinema but the movie choices have now moved to arthouse.

The Star Wars movie had come out in the summer of that year, but I didn’t see it till the Autumn of that year. This was a time in Ireland where you had to wait some months for American movies to be released into Irish cinemas. I remember it was Autumn as when we came out of the cinema it was dark outside.

Some of you are wondering why I am not referring to Star Wars with the moniker A New Hope to it. As I grew up I only knew it as Star Wars.

Well the lights went down after we were shown to our seats by the usher with a torch, this was a time where no mobile phone glows distrupted your viewing then and you might get an usher’s  torch shined in your face if you dared to open your sweet wrapper too loud.

The movie started with the rolling text that we have all now become very familiar and the now iconic John Williams music, The Star Destroyer appeared on screen and kept going and going,this is one big spaceship I thought. Then the stuff of a young persons nightmare’s appeared in black flanked by the sparkling white stormtroopers. Though I didn’t realise it at the time one of the greatest baddies in movie history had appeared for the first time. Both myself and my dad had been transported to a galaxy far, far away to reference a well known Star Wars line.

Well I could lay out the plot to the movie, but I am sure that like me you could probably quote me back whole scenes verbatim. My life changed in an instant and I had suddenly become a lifelong sci-fi fan.

Before I knew it the movie had ended and I didn’t want the movie to finish, I so wanted it to last a little longer.

My dad turned to me and said ” Don’t think I really got the point of that story “. Now with an older head on my shoulders, I think he understood it perfectly well, but just like me he did not want the fantasy to end as it had tapped into the little boy that always lasts in every man despite the passing of the years.

I wonder will children in years to come remember Star Wars : The Force Awakens in the same way.














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