Apologies to those expecting a review last week. There were Christmassy movies out there, but I felt they were slight and not up to the classics we all remember from years past, but as it happens there is actually a Christmas scene in the movie up for review this week.

Sister Maura ( Amy Poehler ) receives a call from her parents who drop the bombshell that they are selling their childhood home, shocked as she is at this sudden turn of events she is also given the task of breaking this news to her sister Kate ( Tina Fey ) which does not go down well and they head down to Florida to clear out their younger selves bedroom.

Well they decide to have one last blowout of a party in the house and invite all their high school classmates to the party. As before in many other movies going back to movies like National Lampoon’s Animal House things get way out hand quickly and you begin to wonder will there be a house left by the time the party ends.

There have been countless movies before which have looked at this familar scene from the male point of view and it is a breath of fresh air to see that the ladies can get themselves into as many hilarious and cringe making scenes as their male counterparts.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are perfectly cast as two sisters, most definitely going off the rails big time and in lesser hands this movie may have just been an ok movie but in the hands of these past masters of comedy it becomes so much more.

So before the behemoth of Star Wars : The Force Awakens is upon us later in the week and you want to escape the crowds of Christmas shoppers, take time out of the day and spend a enjoyable hour or two in your local cinema with this great comedy.

Talking of Star Wars, my review may be somewhat biased as I have been a lifelong fan, so here’s my apology in advance.









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