Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part II

Firstly before I get started with this review, let me say I think the filmmakers should have kept this movie as a single part rather than splitting it into two parts. I think it would have made for a much tighter story. Ok that’s my little rant over now back to business as they say.

We literally pick up where left off at the end of this movie with Peeta (Josh Hutchinson) still suffering from the after effects of being ripped from the Panem capital city.

Katniss Everdeen ( Jennifer Lawrence ) now realises that the day of facing her nemesis President Snow can be delayed no longer and that she must gather her followers and emerge from the relative safety of their underground lair in District 13 and need to confront him in person if their revolution is to have any chance of success. After delivering a hammer blow to the Panem forces, she sets off in the direction of the city to liberate the citizens of the city and free the greater Panem.

Though Peeta has not fully recovered from his brainwashing, he is brought along,all be it in shackles. Gale ( Liam Hemsworth ) and Fennick join Katniss and they head off on their mission.

I won’t spoil what happens to them along the way but just to say that their choice to move underground to escape the pursuing Panem forces quite literally comes back to bite them and this creates one of the most tense sections of the movie.

Of all the YA ( Young Adult ) adaptations that are out there right now and Hunger Games has never been afraid to get quite dark and nihilistic and this current movie certainly follows this template. Every other YA adaptation will be forever measured against this series of movies and up to now most of them have been found wanting.

Although an often reluctant beacon of hope for those in Panem who want to overthrow President Snow, Katniss as before steps up to the plate when the occasion calls for it and after a battle of epic and truly terrifying proportions once they finally reach the capital in which Katniss is injured, she wakes up to find that the rebellion have succeeded but at a terrible cost to her personally and to the children of Panem.

I won’t spoil the final ending but just to outline that she comes to realise that just because the rebellion has succeeded does not mean that newly discovered peace and what comes after will be any easier to live with which requires her to act again to save Panem.

I had said this before at the start of the review that this story could have told in one part rather than two and this I think is the weak point of the movie It can leave you feeling at certain times feeling that a few scenes have been include to pad the story out to fill the extra running time which is a shame as it should have more of a sprint. Maybe that’s just me you may feel differently. Still worthy of checking out though to see how the story brings together all those sub-stories that have been leading up to this point.


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