Steve Jobs

Are a user of Apple products ?  Even if you are not don’t let that dissuade from checking out this movie.

This movie is not a strict biopic more an interpretation of events that happened in the life of Steve Jobs and as a result it does not follow a strict timeline in his life.

The movie is based on a book by Walter Issacson, adapted for the screen by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, but actually plays out more like a three act play and it was filmed like this in cronological order. Each part takes about 40 mins to play out and then moves on.

Part one looks at the launch of the Macintosh PC in 1984,part two looks the NExT PC in 1988 and the last part examines the launch of the iMac in 1998. This device is used to hang the rest of the script on in each part. If you are very observant you may notice that the film’s look improves and becomes more crisp and clear as each part moves on.

This is not unique to Steve Jobs, but sometimes your frustration that people do not by into your vision, can makes others think that you are hard to work with. That’s the issue when some, paint you as a visionary and a genius. You find yourself throughout the movie both admiring the man for his genius but also frustrated with him for the way he treats those closest to him.

Does Michael Fassbender portray Steve Jobs strictly, well no but he is no less impressive because of that. Come to think of it all the actors are on top form in this movie and relish in the meaty script they have been handed, especially Kate Winslet who portrays his ‘ Work Wife ‘ Joanna Hoffman the marketing executive for Apple and NExT. Seth Rogan who normally tackles much lighter role is impressive as Steve Wosniak his friend and co-founder of Apple and creator of the Apple II and this also creates the most conflict between the two men, as Steve refuses to acknowledge this work and the part it played in the creation of the Macintosh PC which came after the Apple II. Another scenes of note are the interactions between Steve his ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan and his interaction with his daughter Lisa.

This movie has sadly been withdrawn from a lot American screens, due to poor box office performance figures about a month ago when this movie was released there. This is a shame and don’t let this fact put you off going to this movie, I for one urge you to go and see this movie as at least one of the performances will appear at next year’s Oscars. Even if your knowledge of Steve Jobs is small, a movie that is definitely worth checking out.

P.s In case you were wondering the NExT PC has no connection to the store chain of the same name, that’s just a co-incidence.


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