It doesn’t happen that often but there are certain movies that moviegoers will go to regardless of what reviewers or critics may say. I think that the new upcoming Star Wars movie maybe another case in point.

So how to review this movie, James Bond is fairly unique in film history and I maybe open to correction but Sherlock Holmes maybe the only other fictional character that has had more movies made about him. I suppose it is probably easier to measure this current offering by what came before and maybe then only restricting it further to Daniel Craig’s term in the role.Each actor that has inhabited the role has put their own unique stamp on it and are very much set in the time that they were made. The 1960’s Bond being a very different beast to the current incumbent.

Well I have to say that this particular movie has one of the best opening scenes in Bond for a long number of years and gives us probably one of the longest tracking shots I have seen as we follow Bond over the roofs of Mexico City, he is there to assassinate a rich Italian who is involved with a shadowy criminal organisation, who are they ?

Fast forward across the globe to the eternal city of Rome where we see Bond appear at the funeral of the man he has just assassinated and encounters his widow Lucia Sciarra portrayed by Italian actress Monica Belucci. Kudos to director Sam Mendes for not going the younger eye candy route and casting as it turns out the oldest actress to inhabit a Bond woman role.

After finding out more out about this shadowy organisation and who is at it’s heart, he is persued  through the streets of Rome by what I imagine is one of the largest henchmen I have seen in a long time. Bond manages to escape the clutches of the henchman however and we next find him in Austria encountering the daughter of someone who was a previous nemesis. Madeline Swann played expertly by French actress Lea Seydoux. Madeline is cut from a different cloth from many Bond women that have come before and is every inch Bond’s equal.

They both persue the head of Spectre, that shadowy criminal organisation who James Bond has now identified and who is the person behind the organisation – Oberhauser ( Christoph Waltz ) who James knew in an earlier life.But is that his real name ? It also turns out that those who came before are also involved with Spectre.

Whereas the first Daniel Craig outing was a stripped back affair, this current one is reintroducing us to those Bond stallworths which you will instantly recognise and there is quite a few gentle nods to previous James Bond movies and none the less enjoyable for that. Q, M and Moneypenny who are given more to do this in this movie compared to previous one are nearly in a sub – movie with a storyline that mirrors Bond’s exploits.

I for one preferred this movie to Skyfall, you may disagree. We all have our favorites. But sorry Sam Smith this current Bond song will not stick long in my memory !!


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