Crimson Peak

As Mia Wasikowska’s character says in the movie ” This is a book with ghosts in it ” about a book she is writing and that I think that aptly describes this movie best. It is probably less likely that you will jump up in your seat, squirm maybe even peak through your fingers every now and again.

This movie is not intended to scare you, more draw you into the horrific world that main two protaganists have created, the ghosts and there a few, are more portents of doom for Edith ( Mia Wasikowska’s ) rather than malevolent spirits intent on doing her harm.

Edith is living in pre first world war Brooklyn New York. She is living alone with her father in the family home after her mother passed in a family tragedy some years ago. She has caught the eye of Dr. Alan McMichael ( Charlie Hunnam ) but at present Edith sees him more as a friend . Enter Lucille Sharpe ( Jessica Chastain ) and Thomas Sharpe ( Tom Hiddleston ) who prevail upon Edith’s father to invest in their mining machine as they feel his company will invest in them due to the fact that this is how he gained his fortune.

While her father decides not to invest in their machine after doing some digging into Lucille’s and Thomas’s past. Edith begin to fall in love with Thomas after he has made advances towards her and they eventually marry and head home to Thomas’s home in England after her father passes away in mysterious circumstances.

To say that this house is creepy is an understatement and has borrowed from many houses of horror that have come before. Guillermo Del Toro the director is a past master at creating a visual treat for the eyes as well as also appealing to horror fans and it shows. This movie is beautifully realised as befits Del Toro’s previous back catalogue, and I am sure that it would take a few watchings of this movie to notice all the attention to detail that has gone into this horror.

To tell you more I think would spoil the movie but just to say that this is not the first time that Lucille and Thomas have drawn others into their web who have not escaped as Edith comes to realise as the movie moves on.

If you are a fan of true gothic creepyness and horror you will not be dissappointed, it is as I have said before a treat for the senses. Maybe just make sure as you head home that it is not in the dark as this movie will stick with you, ” What’s that behind me ” , quickens pace !!


Well it has come to pass that this week a milestone has been reached, on the 21st of October this year,we go Back To The Future.

Those with long memories will remember that Doc Brown brings Marty Mc Fly into the future in the end of the first of the movie trilogy.

Can it really be that long since I first saw that first movie !!

When the film-makers have looked into our near future, how many things did they get right. Well while some things always come to pass just naturally due to the progression of technology, other things get inspired by movies that we see and books that we read. So while we have yet to have a rubbish fusion fuelled car, don’t stop dreaming film-makers you continue to inspire us !!


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