My Netflix Choices

I reviewed The Walk last week even though it will not reach most cinemas till today and the releases in the cinema are very light on the ground this week , so I thought that I would go a different route this week and suggest some of my choices of what’s now available on the movie streaming service Netflix.

I am old enough to remember photo slide shows at home and that was about as sophisticated as viewing at home got , once upon a time. Even VHS and DVD discs are starting to fade into the mist of technology and people talk with nostalgia about them.

The choices on Netflix and other streaming services are vast and there are many genres on it, from TV series to Classic Movies and everything in between. So invest in an attachment like Chromecast or a web enabled TV and you can watch your choices from the comfort of your own sittingroom.

If you missed any of these at the Cinema or are just look for a good movie choice this evening, here’s just a few choice that I picked out.


Daniel Radcliffe has left his Harry Potter persona far behind in this chilling tale of a young man who may or may not be responsible for a killing of a young woman in small town America. Is he channeling the devil ? The town’s population certainly think so.

About Time

Richard Curtis is the past master at these type of tales going all the way back to Four Weddings and a Funeral, Domhnall Gleeson finds he can travel in time and affect his love life. A deeply touching tale that will linger long in the mind long after the credits have rolled.


Bradley Cooper’s plays a character whose life is not on the upward slope. He takes a drug offered to him and suddenly life and the possibilities are limitless, but should continue taking the drug ?

Super 8

J.J Abrams is channeling his inner Steven Spielberg here. A group of kids decide to shoot a Super 8 movie, then aliens make an appearance. This movie pays gentle homage to one of America’s greatest directors.

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

Robert Redford and Paul Newman are on top form here portraying the infamous western outlaws. Can they stop those chasing them from catching them ? A true classic and deservedly so, with one of songwriters Burt Bacharach’s best tunes.

The Apartment

The character that Jack Lemmon portrays, lets his boss use his apartment for meetings with his mistress. But he has a soft spot for the girl portrayed by Shirley Maclaine. At both times funny and deeply affecting, worth checking out.


Pixar can do no wrong here in the tale of an older man, a boy, a dog and a house with balloons attached. A great movie not just for the kids, but the little kid that still lives in all of us. Just make sure to have some tissues to hand.

This is my personal selection, yours might be different. But isn’t that why we all haven’t lost our sense of wonder at those moving images on the silver screen, now available at home.


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