The Martian

It’s been about a year and a bit since we saw Matt Damon on the screen and in a weird bit of deja vu, he was also stranded on a planet in the movie Interstellar as it happens. I am sure that he may have paused when considered taking on this movie but I am sure that the fact that Ridley Scott was the director helped. Film fans of course will not need to be reminded that Ridley directed Alien. But don’t worry there are no alien nasties in this movies.

Many movies take a bit of time to get out into space, The Martian however places us straight on Mars and the whole crew are placed into danger on the alien planet more or less straight away. Matt Damon’s character Mark Watney falls a little behind and in an insuing martian storm gets hit by a communication dish. The crew wrongly assume that Mark has been killed and to preserve the rest of the crew and the mission, they leave the martian surface and make the long journey home.

Mark however is injured but alive and wakes up to find himself stranded on the alien surface. Mark however after patching up his injury, resolves to in his words ” Science the s**t” out of his situation that he has been placed in. The story in essense is a modern reworking of Robinson Crusoe, a man stranded with no immediate hopes of rescue and resolved to fall back on his skills, which as it happens one of them happens to be botany which as it happens is quite helpful when you have limited rations to fall back on. Mark uses part of the martian living quarters as a growing room for potatoes, recipe suggestions welcome.

Throughout the movie we cut between Mark’s situation and NASA realising that they have left a man behind and how they might resolve to get their man back.

To tell you more might spoil the rest of the movie and what the crew and NASA resolve to do to rescue Mark. But there is lots NASA people hugging, crying and punching the air, so things eventually go everybody’s way.

One of my favourite things about the movie is the inspired choices of matching disco tunes to the situations that the movie presents, the end title choice being particularly inspired.

You will be have to be pretty out of sorts going into this movie to not come out of it with a warm glow, it is an inspiring story and shows what humans can do in the face of adversity, a must see. I for one would like Matt Damon in space with me for sure in any sticky space – related situation !!


Either someone in NASA PR is really good at their job or it is just one of those happy accidents. As this movie was due for release an announcement was made that water had been discovered on Mars. Well timed PR for the movie ?

Not the first time this has occurred either , around the time 2001 – A Space Odyssey was due for release a similar piece of earth shattering space news was released just prior to it’s release.

Interesting space fact there folks !!


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