A Walk In The Woods

Recovered from the emotional maelstrom that was Everest last week ? Looking a gentle stroll through the woods ?

Well if the second sounds more your speed, why not check out A Walk In The Woods. I had not expected much of this movie and it didn’t really disappoint. A gentle wander rather than a sprint out into the wild of America.

This is based on the book is based on the novel written by Bill Bryson, well known writer of the quirky and comic absurbities of daily life.

Bill Bryson is played by Robert Redford and that actor had originally penciled in his screenmate of many years Paul Newman to play alongside him. But as we all now Paul Newman is no longer with us and Nick Nolte has stepped into the hiking boots of Bill’s sort of long lost mate Katz. Katz is essence is the only one who replied to his request for a trip companion for an ill conceived journey along America’s Appalachian trail. All other requests had been politely declined,dismissed or given a very unpolite ” No ” . Even his English wife can’t dissuade him.

We see the two friends head out and encounter many strange and interesting things along the way, a limpet like travelling companion, people who point the error of their hiking equipment choices, two hikers who leap mountain goat like over the uneven rocks of a river, a jealous boyfriend of someone that Katz has taken a fancy to and a slighty over interested in Bill motel owner played by Mary Steenburgen. It is not over stating the case that Nick Nolte that is nearly more grizzly than the same named bears who decide to wander into their camp one night. This however makes for quite a loveable character of Katz.

Well it is quite a while into the journey that the two realise that this is no gentle Sunday afternoon stroll in the woods and Katz even goes as far as renting a hire car to shorten the journey, which as it happens in case you ever decide to tackle the Appalachian Trail is over 2000 miles long.

Their adventures are played for maximum effect and we enjoy watching these two travel mates comic adventures.

Well I don’t think that Robert Redford has to worry about an Oscar for this movie, but I for one enjoyed the story and it does not linger too long on screen. If you like the sound well why not check it out. A two and half stars movie rather than a four star one. But don’t let that put you off.


We’ll if the movie choices of the last two weeks teach you anything, it is the dangers of being unprepared when venturing out into the wilds. So take this on board and learn, after all you do not want to end up sound like the script to a horror movie !!


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