More often than not when you go to the cinema and finally sit in your seat, you will more than likely take off your coat, this might be one where you might need to leave it on. P.s might be advisable to also bring a few tissues with you as well.

This is not the first movie to go mountaineering – Cliffhanger, Vertical Limit and the start of Mission Impossible 2, all be it minus the snow and quite a few others that have escaped my mind at present.

So why make another one, well to paraphrase many a mountaineer when ask why they climb ” Because the story was there to be told “.

Our climbers after some altitude training head up Everest on the morning of May 10th 1996 to get to the top of the mountain as many climbers had done before. Jason Clarke plays the leader of the expedition Rob Hall and the cast is filled with many other well know movie stars, too many to mention here, the cast list is nearly as high as the mountain they seek to climb. Despite a few small hiccups as they climb up the mountain everything seems to be going well, all be it as well as getting to the top of mountain can go.

Well mountains being what they are the weather can change so quickly, and so it comes to pass with this movie. There is a storm coming in and the climbers do not follow the strict timetable they set themselves for getting up and down the mountain. They find themselves caught within the storm and slowly but surely the mountain takes it’s toll on some of the climbers.

This movie’s cinematography and sound is particularly impressive and as you move through the movie you feel that get some feel for what the climbers had to face.

One of the strongest performances comes from Emily Watson who plays Helen Wilton the teams base organiser, I did feel however that despite the big names of Keira Knightley who plays wife of Rob Hall and Robin Penn who plays Peach Weathers, the wife of one of the other climbers Beck Weathers ( Josh Brolin ) were underused and maybe a little bit more of them and their story may have added to the movie, but that is minor point in what otherwise is a strongly affecting movie. So if you are a fan of well told stories of human endurance then this movie is worthy of checking out, but as I mentioned before it might be worth checking your pockets before leaving the house those tissues will be certain to be used.


It is so important when telling a story about mountain climbing that you feel that the cast are facing ceratain danger, It is important that a filmaker spends a good part of the film’s budget getting this right. To not do this is to make the audience feel that they are being short changed and the cast are facing no greater danger than climbing up a climbing wall.

So don’t be tempted to CGI, green screen it or send your cast up a thinly disguised studio set, filmmakers. Spend a bit of time scouting out a real location, your movie will then have a genuine sense of danger to it.


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