American Ultra

What if Jason Bourne had long hair and smoked a narcotic substance and worked in a open all hours store ?

Such is the premise of the opening scene of American Ultra, only Mike Howell ( Jesse Eisenberg ) does not realise that he is actually a government assassin. He has frequent  panic attacks which his girlfriend Phoebe ( Kristen Stewart ) has to cope with but she loves him despite this anyway.

The government has decided however that their weapon has gone off the reservation so to speak and must be contained. His government handler played by Connie Britton appears one night at the store where he works and flicks the mental programming switch in his head, cue government assassin.

Now Mike and Phoebe spends the rest of the movie trying to dodge the government agents and hired guns that have been sent to track down and eliminate them.

This sounds like a great premise for a great movie but the result does not quite work out the way I am sure that filmmakers hoped it might. This is a shame as I think that this movie could have been so much better.

Just a word of warning if you are a not a fan of gory violence, the way that government people are dealt with may make you squirm in your cinema seat. Some have described this as a stoner comedy, not sure about that. While some of the scenes have some comedy in them, I for one did not laugh once. That’s not to say that this is a bad movie, just one that won’t linger long in the mind.

I can see what the filmmakers were trying to achieve, but it has been done better in many other movies that have come before it and maybe this premise in the action stakes at least might be better left to Mr Bourne.


Everybody likes a good spy movie, who wouldn’t want those cool gadgets that they possess.  However in real life gadgets do not always behave themselves. I can see the scene now Mr Bond is caught in a life and death situation and his gadget decides not to work at the crucial moment. Do you think that Q branch would accept a receipt of purchase !!


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