Me, Earl And The Dying Girl

Hurrah movie fans, normal service has been resumed and I can bring my next movie review. Like the movie I reviewed a few weeks ago Paper Towns this movie is also based on a book.

We find our main character Greg ( Thomas Mann ) trying to fit in high school at the beginning of this movie, how does he do this. Well learn just enough about each clique in high school and their habits and make sure as you interact with each clique that the other cliques don’t see doing this.

Greg hangs with what he likes to call his co-worker Earl played by RJ Cyler, who Greg befriended when they both started playschool. Greg and Earl are into classic movies and spend most of their free time remaking those movies on a shoestring budget and putting their own personal twist on them, A Sockwork Orange and 9.45 Cowboy being two examples – movie fans will delight in guessing correctly the movies they are based on, I certainly did.

Well let’s move this story on a little bit, Greg arrives home one day and his mother lets him know that a girl at school has been just diagnosed with leukemia, she suggests that he go over and try and befriend her . Greg sort of knows this girl and is somewhat reluctant at first to do so, but goes anyway more to just please his mother.

He arrives at the door of Rachel played by Olivia Cooke and despite himself finds that he really starts to enjoy hanging with her and she after a bit of reluctance also enjoys hanging out with Greg and Earl.

There’s lots of comic moments in this movie and some quite touching ones as well, such is the nature of the story. Despite the subject matter it never goes too far in pushing the emotional button, this is not The Fault In Our Stars a movie from earlier on in the year, you may need to use a tissue after this movie, just not a whole box !! P.s won’t spoil the ending for you, but you will probably guess it anyway.

So if you are looking for a movie with comedy and an emotional heart, then this is the movie for you and with great performances from all the cast all round.


Why do some movies despite an emotional storyline seek to tie up the movie with a so – called happy ending, we are all smarter than that. Life more often than not is never like that, we certainly do get comedy but with that also comes a little tragedy. In fact it is often the comedy and seeing the lighter side of any situation that helps us deal with the tragic.

So, some moviemakers make sure to give us a more realistic ending to a movie every now any again, I for one come out a more satisified moviegoer if you do.


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