Are The Movies Any Good Any More ? Have Multiplexes Caused The Death Of Good Movies.

I did not find any movies this week worthy of review, so for this week only till normal service is resumed I will be talking about the cinema and the movies in them right now.

I think the rot may have set in quite a few years ago. Picture it, it is the 1980’s and the new boy on the block is the video cassette tape now consigned to the bargain bin of technology and probably gathering dust in your attic as we speak.

Well this now defunct technology caused a serious problem in the world of cinema, little cinemas with maybe one or two screens in every medium sized town started to close under the avalanche of VHS. Everybody now had a VHS tape player so why bother sitting in an old crumbling cinema whose golden era had passed when you could sit in the comfort of your own home.

This seemed to signal the death nell of cinema. But while it had been delivered a body blow it went away and rethought it’s packaging and enter the new improved multiplex offering imported from the United States. We all love shopping, so more often than not most multiplexes now are attached to a greater shopping experience.

This however has caused a problem I feel. Whereas once Hollywood only had to produce a few movies to satisfy the needs of the cinemas of the world. Now the average multiplex now contains no less than 5 screens and sometimes many more. This now means that many movies that have to be made to feed this monster. Movies used to spend many weeks, if not months in a cinema. Now most movies, if they are lucky live the high life on their opening weekend and maybe the following 2 weeks, after this space has to be made for the next offering to the cinema going public.

This is not to say that every movie that has come out recently is a dud, far from it. But I think that these jewels get lost in the multiple choices offered to us. Some are not even that lucky and get consigned to the arthouse or independent cinema circuit and never even get a sniff of being in the multiplexes.

If you have any interest in cinema and I asked you to tell me the movies that you had seen in the past few months, I would say you would struggle to remember most of them. They are a bit like the popcorn that is served in multplexes nowadays – packaged in a big colourful box and instantly forgotten once consumed. However if I asked you what movies are your favourite ones from 1 to 10 there would be a good chance that this list would contain movies that have been released pre 1990.

The financial figures for cinema are pretty good at the moment and audiences are quite healthy right now, but I seriously doubt that Pixels will be looked on with misty-eyed nostalgia with today’s youth in 10 or 15 years and will see them queue around the block to view a retro screening of it !!


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