Paper Towns

Having never read the book that this movie is based on I came to this movie fresh with no preconceptions of whether it would measure up against the book. This is not unique for me I am by nature a more visual person so when it comes to a choice of the story told by book or film, I tend to default to the movie, sorry authors and writers of the world.

There is a good chance that you will not have heard of any of the actors in this movie and I even myself could not name any movies they might have been in, previous to this movie. Cara Delevingne is probably going to be draw for most people to see how she does making the move from model to actor.

It is the plotline of many a John Hughes 80’s movie, the boy lives next to his neighbour the girl and his friendship with her of many years has changed to love. She of course is popular in high school and he is a shy young man who just has trouble expressing his love for her and worships her from afar, she needless to say has no idea that he feels that way about her.

The shy young man Quentin is played by actor Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne plays the part of Margo, the object of his obsession.

One night Margo appears at the window of Quentin’s bedroom and recruits him to go on a night of revenge pranks on Margo’s friends who she feels have wronged her. Quentin though timid at first eventually opens up to the possibilities that this night of pranks will give him and possibly get closer to Margo.

After the night of fun Quentin goes to school as normal but Margo does not appear and this does not change over the next few days. I am sure like me your mind will go intially to the storyline of many a murder mystery, this however is not that movie.

Quentin decides to follow a set of breadcrumbs left by Margo and ends up going on a cross country roadtrip to find the missing Margo. He recruits his friends into his little roadtrip and as often happens in roadtrip movies, it is less about the destination and more about what it takes to get there.

I won’t spoil the ending and whether they locate Margo but this is one of the better ones and I for one really enjoyed this movie and reminded me of many movies of my youth, a little montage I really enjoyed at the end of the movie took me back to a simular one in the iconic 80’s movie The Breakfast Club, no problem borrowing from a movie like that as long as you don’t do it scene for scene. A great little movie and worthy of making some time in your week to check it out.

In case you were wondering where the title of the book and movie was inspired by. Paper Towns is a trick used by mapmakers, create a non – existent town on your map and if you see this map reproduced anywhere you know that someone has copied it without your prior permission.


How do you shorten a trip on a map in the movies, well why not take a cue from Indiana Jones. Create a line on a map between the two points and superimpose your mode of transport onto the screen. Ah, if only we could do that in real life, goodbye jetlag. Sadly, unless someone has created a Star-Trek style transporter and is keeping it quiet, we will still have to keep taking those travel sickness tablets !!


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