Have you ever been indulgent and gone to more than one movie in a day, I had planned to write a review for a completely different movie which was the first part of my indulgence. But as so often happens with me at least there are one or two movies that surprise you and so it came to pass with Trainwreck, a little surprise and guaranteed to be a good night out at the movies.

The lead actress Amy Schumer is well known recently for Saturday Night Live on American TV. This is her first foray into a lead role and based on this she will  be penciled in for more roles in future movies.

We find Amy, also the character’s name working for a mens magazine whose stories seem to driven by a no holes barred approach and the boss that no one would want to work for.

The movie aptly describes the love life of Amy, get just close enough to be loved but show the man the door before it even has a chance of getting serious, partly influenced by Amy’s childhood and how her Dad behaved when she was growing up. You are probably thinking this does not sound very comedic, but often this is where the best comedy stems from.

Well Amy has been given the assignment of interviewing sports doctor Aaron Conners played by Bill Hader. Despite herself she finds as time goes on that she really falls in love with Aaron. This really throws Amy for a loop and of course she is put on the back foot.

This movie will surprise you with some quite touching scenes mixed through the comedy. This movie has a heart and is not just played for laughs. Unlike some comedy movies, you care about happens to Amy and want it to work out for her, and the final scenes will have you punching the air with a metaphorical  – Yeah !!

Amy Schumer has written this movie and Judd Apatow directs. The paring works very well and I for one hope that this not the last time they work together.

Whether you are just looking for out and out laughs or a great date movie, this movie won’t disappoint. It’s like the movie equivalent of a nice warm hug and you are certain to come out with a warm glow about you.


It seems that most nights out in the movies always go well, well maybe horror movies don’t follow that template. How many times have you gone on a night out and something always spoils the party quite literally. A spilt glass of something that you know despite your best efforts will never come out the morning after. As we are talking the morning after how many times have you woken up and you think ” Did I really drink that much and who is this person beside me in the bed ”

I really want to go on one of those movie nights out where you are the centre of attention and everyone thinks you are a font of sparkling conversation and wit. Sadly real life never plays out that way, does it !!


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