Fantastic Four

You may wonder why this movie was made since the two previous most recent incarnations did not exactly set the box office alight.

Well the observant among you might notice that newest version is made by Twentieth Century Fox rather than Marvel/Disney, this comes about due to the fact that this graphic novel team is one of the older group of the Marvel universe and has been around since the 1960’s and that the rights are not exclusively held by Marvel, so maybe Fox thought we will have a little of that pie, an expensive pie mind you €120 million dollars exactly.

This version is directed by Josh Trank, who directed a movie of a few years ago Chronicle which is about young people who suddenly gained superpowers and what they do with them. So no change there with this story.

The actor Michael B. Jordan has come along with Josh Trank from Chronicle and plays the part of the Human Torch. New actors to this movie are Miles Teller ( Whiplash ) who plays the part of Reed Richards – Mr Fantastic, Kate Mara plays Susan Storm and Jamie Bell plays The Thing.

This is movie is a movie of two halves. The first half tells us the origin story of how the Fantastic Four came to be – from childhood to Reed tapping into the secret of interdimensional travel. This part of the movie works well and you settle in and think ” This is going to a good movie “. Then something happens not quite sure what but I think they were so busy setting up the story, they then realised that is after all a comic book based novel and then tried to shoehorn this into the movie. A little late into the proceedings as it happens and the results don’t quite gel with the first half of the movie.

Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four’s nemesis appears in the form of the actor Toby Kebbell. He comes along for an unsanctioned ride into another dimension which does not go well and they are all changed in various ways and gain new powers on a primeordial Earth-like planet called planet Zero. He is left behind by the other members of the group and is transformed into Doctor Doom. To say he is not happy about this an understatement and seeks to change this planet Zero by pulling matter through the dimension from Earth, which puts our planet in peril and the Fantastic Four are required to step up to the mark and put a stop to Doctor Doom’s plans.

This as I earlier outlined is where the movie does not quite work, which is sad as the first part started so well. They have not injected enough humour or action into this movie, which is why in essence the most recent selection of Marvel movies have done well at the box office and is why most of us go to them. We want to be entertained, we want to care about the fate of movie’s main stars and this does not really happen and this may answer why this movie does not quite work.

They have penciled in a sequel for 2017 but a have a feeling based on this movie and how it has been received that this may not come to pass.

The Fantastic Four – More like just the Okay Four. It seems that 120 million dollars, just does not get you as much as it did before.


CGI is great for the modern movie storyteller, but done badly it just lets down the whole movie. You sit there peeking through your hands thinking ” When will this horror end ” and as we are talking about horror they can be particularly guilty of this. Instead sometimes, bad CGI or special effects can make you laugh when you are ment to be screaming. You have heard the expression ” So bad it was good ” well filmmakers if you have a limited budget, don’t skimp here. Otherwise you might find that the movie going public might desend on you zombie – like for making them sit through your badly CGI-ied movie.


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