Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

If you live in Ireland at least, of late when you here the initials IMF your mind automatically goes to those 3 men from the troika standing on the steps of the Department Of Finance around the time of the most recent financial crisis. But I am digressing.

We have now reached no 5 in the Mission Impossible franchise, so how do you make it new and fresh. Well strapping Tom Cruise to the side of a moving plane is certain to catch ones interest. Whereas most actors would be happy to CGI themselves into stunts, Tom Cruise god bless his enthusiasm for wanting to please his audience likes to put himself right in the centre of the action. Must be a nightmare for the films insurance people.

As we arrive at the start of the movie the IMF has been disbanded but a new threat has emerged in the form of The Syndicate, who are they ? what motivates them ? It turns out that they are collection of ex-spies from many countries who supposedly are dead according to official records. They seek to establish a new world order through a series of escalating terrorist attacks. At the head of this organisation is a baddie worthy of a Bond movie played expertly by and very menacingly by Sean Harris.

This is probably one of the most difficult missions that Ethan Hunt and his team have yet had to face. Along the way he encounters Ilsa Faust a disavowed British agent. Throughout the movie you are unsure, is she with The Syndicate or is she trying to help Ethan. She is played expertly by Swedish-British actress Rebecca Ferguson and unlike a lot of past Bond girls she is not just there on screen to make it look nice, she is everybit the equal of Ethan Hunt and shows this in one particular scene – a motorbike chase in Morocco which will have you gripping the edge of the seat.

Simon Pegg is back as Ethan’s techy and comic sidekick and provides the best comic moments of the movie, Ving Rhames re-appears as the long term member of the IMF.

You can just watch this movie for the action or you can get involved in minutiae of the storyline which sometimes feels like you are watching a visual representation of a John Le Carre novel, which ever you prefer you won’t be disappointed. This movie feels more like the start of a franchise rather than the fifth movie in, so buy your popcorn and Coke at the concession stand and settle in for a slightly more than two hours enjoyable Summer blockbuster.

It seems as well that we are in for a bit of a spyfest over the next few months with the Guy Ritchie movie based on the 60’s TV series ” The Man From Uncle ” then of course the daddy of them all the new James Bond ” Spectre ” and finally of in the distant horizon Stephen Spielberg will complete the set with his Cold War in Berlin inspired movie.


How many time have you watched a movie with a car chase in it and though this is great but not very realistic. It always amazes me that the car comes out with barely a scratch on it and the same seems to be the case for it’s occupants.

More often than not even a slight tip in your local supermarket carpark seems to result in a large scrape worthy of the Titanic’s encounter with the iceberg and will also result in setting off your airbags.

Maybe those airbags should be on the outside as well as the inside !!


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