Inside Out

While good, Pixar’s output of late has not exactly set the world of animation alight, did you go to Brave or Cars 2 ? This year however we are getting two Pixar movies, later in the year we get The Good Dinosaur and this week get Inside Out. The director is Pete Docter who created another Pixar movie Up, he has said in other interviews that the genesis of this story was in part inspired watching his own daughter making that transition from young girl to teenager and all that happens with that change.

We all really would love to know what others are thinking and in particular many parents would love to know what their children are thinking, this in essence is the premise of Inside Out. This is the story of Riley and her parents.

Riley’s life is settled, she has had a good upbringing, enjoys hanging with her best friend, does well in school and enjoys playing ice hockey in Mid America Minnesota. But as often happens in life, nothing stays the same. Riley’s dad voiced by Kyle McLachlan has to take his family across America for a new work possibility in San Francisco This upsets Riley’s little life.

All her emotions have been given a character Joy,Sadness, Fear & Anger which decide how Riley behaves when presented with a life situation. Joy is the central one of these voiced by Amy Pohler, she is the one who tries to keep Riley on an even keel from the emotional control room. Riley’s important core touchstones like family e.t.c are represented by islands. But all is not well in Riley’s life thanks to the unexpected move and Joy and Sadness have to go on an odyssey to make sure that Riley can get back to the person she used to be. Sadness,Fear and Anger are left in charge but being the emotions they are, chaos ensues.

A lot of the theories of how our brains and emotions work will more than likely go over young children’s heads but kudos to Pixar for trying to explain it to us in general. There is always a danger when trying to explain these deep concepts that it can feel like one of scientific toys that parents buy for their children thinking it will expand their minds and the kid gets more enjoyment out of the box that it came in.

Thankfully this never really happens with Inside Out and it is both an engaging, touching and heartwarming story. So if you find yourself at a loss when the Summer weather does not behave itself. Pack the children into the car and take yourself to the local multiplex or cinema, both you and the kids will enjoy it.

As we are talking about Pixar, did you realise that it is 20 years since we were first introduced to the wonder of the Pixar animated world in Toy Story. Keep that sense of wonder and enjoyment going Pixar.


Emotions are strange things, very human. So in our rush to create new, faster, more responsive technology maybe it might be a good idea not to include emotions into the mix. After all remember what happened to Data from Star Trek everytime the crew or he decided to switch on his emotion chip.


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