Ant Man

Ant who ? Yes I am sure like me when you heard the latest Marvel Superhero was to be Ant Man, you scratched your head and thought who is he, I’ve never heard of him. He is one of the lesser known superheroes and also has not been transformed by a radioactive spider.

This movie has had a bit of a troubled history, the original director Joe Wright left due to creative differences with Marvel / Disney and Peyton Reed stepped into the directors chair. Some of Joe Wright’s scenes still survive in this movie and who knows what that movie might have been. But don’t let that put you off.

At the start we see Hank Pym ( Michael Douglas ) in a room with Howard Stark – Hank is reluctant to let his most recent invention into the hands of Howard Stark. Fast forward in time and we see Scott Lang ( Paul Rudd ) a small time crook with a young daughter on the outside of prison where he currently resides. He is convinced to do just one more job by colleagues once he gets out.

Despite his better judgement he agrees to break in to a wealthy man’s house. We find out that this house happens to be the house of Hank Pym. Scott is caught but rather press charges Hank asks Scott to help him to defeat the actions of his former protege Darren Cross ( Corey Stoll ) who has become villain of the peace.

This movie leans heavily on the fact that Scott has been shrunk to the size of an ant and the best scenes come out of this. Most Marvel movies have some humour in them, but this has a lot more and is the better for it. Paul Rudd is ideally cast as Scott as he has lots of experience with humour. Evangeline Lily makes an appearance as Hank’s daughter Hope, and one scene hints as to a new character should Ant Man 2 come to pass. I enjoyed this movie much more than the most recent Avengers which I felt had lost some of it’s spark.

Even if you are not a major superhero fan, if you are looking for a movie that mixes comedy and action very well. Check it out, you will be pleasantly surprised. Who knows you might even be counting the days till Ant Man 2 is released.


Much as the idea of being bitten by a radioactive spider and swinging through New York sounds cool, I have sneaking thought that the end result would be more akin to the THE FLY rather than the red and black spandex Marvel superhero we all love. So make sure to stay out of lab !!


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