Love And Mercy

Well I never thought that I would do this, another movie review. I had really loved the first Ted movie so my hopes were high for Ted 2, Seth Mac Farlane go to the back of the class. Your movie was found wanting.

Having seen this particular movie also this week, I have come to realise this was the movie I should have reviewed.

Many dismiss the music of the Beach Boys as frivolous American music this is to do them a severe disservice. They deserve to be included in the same sentence as The Beatles, they are that important to music.

For a movie about a music star to be successful they have to be troubled in their lives outside music, it seems that it feeds their creativity in some way. Why not have a musical double bill and check out AMY also.

This movie is from the perspective of Brian Wilson and set in two decade the 60’s around the time of the seminal album Pet Sounds and then moves to the 80’s.

Paul Dano plays Brian in the 60’s and John Cusack plays him in the 1980’s. Paul Dano is spookily embodies Brian Wilson. John Cusack on the other hand has just tacked on Brian Wilson characteristics to himself and this is one the movie week points. But not enough that this movie is not worthy of checking out.

Well to say that Brian Wilson is a troubled soul is not overstating it, what ever period the movie examines.

In the 60’s he is either under the thumb of his overbearing father and a band who just want a more simple sound to their next album. Brian on the otherhand seeks to create a masterpiece.

In the 80’s he is again under the thumb of a scarily manipulative man, his therapist Dr Eugene Landy who in essence controls every single step that Brian Wilson tries to make in his ongoing battle of recovery. His therapist is played so well by Paul Giamatii and is someone you would not like to cross and creates some of the movies best scenes.

In this period appears an unlikely saviour in the guise of formal model,Meredith ( Elizabeth Banks ) a Cadillac saleswoman who just happens to be selling him a car, without first even not knowing who he is.Throughout this part of the story she rescues him from Dr Eugene despite his best efforts to thwart her.

Whether you are a fan of the Beach Boys and their music or not is incidental, it is just a story that needed to be told. If you are a fan you will particularly enjoy the studio sessions that are recreated in the 60’s

Not going to spoil the ending but just to say that unlike a lot of movies that feature troubled musicians it does end positively.


This is mentioned in passing in the movie and a strange fact as much of the music of the Beach Boys is so often associated with the surfer culture of California.

None of the band could actually surf and most of the Californian surfers were not fans of their music.


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