Terminator Genisys & Ted 2

Well due to a happy family event I am a little late on one of my reviews this week, sorry movie lovers. But I am spoiling you with two reviews.So here goes with the first one in case you have yet to see to it.


Terminator Genisys or should that be Arnie Goes Back To The Future Or The Past. In essence this is the story of how Skynet tries to reset the past in it’s favour.

We meet John Connor ( Jason Clarke ) and his band of resistance fighters and they have reached the heart of Skynet and are in touching distance of finally overcoming Skynet. Enter a cameo of Matt Smith ( BBC’s Doctor Who but one ) he grabs John Connor and a transformation happens, but into what ?

Kyle Reese ( Jai Courtney ) is sent back to 1984 by John Connor to make sure that Skynet does not even come to pass and to protect Sarah Connor ( Emilia Clarke ). However it appears when he arrives that instead of a timid waitress that was her character in the original movie that she is in no need of protecting having hooked up with ” Pops ” her petname for Terminator ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ) and despite his best efforts to become human he still stands out like the proverbial big thumb. Many gibes are made of the original Terminator and his age and these give us the best scenes throughtout the movie.

As well as the transformed John Connor, the band of three are also persued throughout the movie by a liquid Terminator played by Lee-Byung-Hun who both seek to thwart the best laid plans for the downfall of Skynet. More comedy is also in the form of a great cameo by J.K Simmons who plays the character of police detective who struggles to convince his law enforcement colleagues that the apocalypse that happens in Terminator 2 is just around the corner.

This storyline owes more to the first and second movies timeline rather than the two most recent sequels. It also turns out in Hollywood that rights to the Terminator franchise reside with more than one studio,so a bit like this story multiple timelines can happily sit beside each other.

Due to it’s lower age cert this is not the gritty Termintor that we were treated to in the first movie, is this a bad thing. Well it turns out not really. It turns out that because we have grown up with Terminator we can forgive the fact that he has become softer and more cuddly. A good storyline rather a great one but none the less enjoyable.

Will he back , well if this movie is anything to go by he will return or will he ? No matter what studio decides to bring him back.


Just a word of warning, if you are easily offended then maybe go and see the Beach Boys biopic this week.

This movie pretty much picks up where TED left us. John Bennett ( Mark Wahlberg ) however is no longer married and is like a rudderless ship and in search of a new mate. Ted however voiced by Seth Mac Farlane is so happy and getting married to Jessica Barth who we saw at the end of the first movie. Some time passes and all is not rosy in the garden of married life. Ted has a brainwave on how to fix their problem – have a baby, great. Well not really as it turns out as this puts Ted straight up against officialdom. Many roadblocks are put in the way of Ted and his bride. No IVF, No Adoption, Why ? Well Ted is considered in the eyes of the law as property rather than human.

Ted decides that he must go to court to make sure that he can become a dad and they are taken as clients by a young lawyer called Sam.L.Jackson played by Anna Seyfried. They lose the court case and are on the radar of the baddie from the first movie played Giovanni Ribisi, who loves Ted a little too much and convinces a money hungry toy executive that lots of money can be made if only we can make more Ted that every child can love.

Whether you like this movie or not will be down to whether the world of Seth Mac Farlane’s humour appeals to you. For every scene that works, is so current and will have you snorting with laughter or wincing, there are just as many that fall flatter than a pancake.

A few scenes that work are the Liam Neeson cameo in the supermarket, the scene from the comedy club and an homage to a scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles, sad to say however these do not sustain the whole movie and more than once I found myself looking at my watch. That is never a good sign in a movie whose running time only runs to 90 minutes. It has also lost some of that magic that made us all love the first movie. Go if you wish but I would say save your money and rent it out in a few months.

It seems that some of the stuffing has been taken out of Ted, poor Ted !!


This week well it is pretty easy to compare the two . ” Time Travel is not possible ” as Mr Spock once said. A great idea but science has not yet caught up to our dreams. Many a movie has used it and it makes for more than one great movie. Sorry Marty Mc Fly !!


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