When we all heard that there was a movie coming out with those lovable prat-falling minions from the successful Despicable Me movies, I am sure like me you probably wondered could they carry a movie themselves. After all they don’t even really speak – you might catch a word of English,French or Spanish every so often but that was the extent of their linguistic skills.

This in essence is the story of how the minions came to be. It seems that these minions exist to follow whatever the biggest baddie or world conquering despot happens to be throughout history – whether it’s a T-Rex, an Egyptian pharoah or Napoleon. It happens that the minions get lost during one of Napoleon’s battles and decide to hunker down in a cave. The poor minions with now no purpose to their being become out sorts and depressed. It falls upon Kevin one of their number to venture out of the cave to see what’s out there after many years. The only two other minions that either volunteer or just want to come along are Bob and Stuart.

This is there quest to find the next baddie to follow. They find themselves at a baddie convention in Florida and the star of the show is Scarlet Overkill voiced by Sandra Bullock. They like the cut of her jib so to speak and attach themselves to her as she has a plan to overthrow the queen of England and take the crown for herself.

For an animated movie to succeed these days, it is not enough to appeal to the target audience of children you have to appeal to the adults as well. The film makers have been very clever in this regard in placing the story in England of the 1960’s which has lots of culture and history that can be mined. The nods are far too numerous to mention but are certain to illicit a smirk or two from the older audience. These references will probably go straight over the kids heads as they just like them for what they are cute, yellow but inept creatures who have an extreme fondness for a certain yellow fruit.

This is a perfect movie no matter your age and I have noticed that, and I am sure you have to, that an animation movie audience is no longer just composed of parents and their children.

So go along bring the kids if you want, but even you don’t a perfect Summer movie, p.s great use of music as well. I Love ” Banana ” !!


The great thing about animation is that anything is possible. Things that would cause one serious harm or otherwise just seem commonplace in any animated movie. The limit is only restricted by the animators imagination, after all without animation there would be no Disney or Universal theme parks, No Star Wars, No King Kong and after all the modern phenomenon of CGI would be nothing without the animation that came before it.


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