Mr Holmes

Which is your favourite Sherlock Holmes ? Is it the Robert Downey Jr / Guy Ritchie steampunk version. Or is it the two current TV incarnations – the US New York inspired – Elementary or BBC’s take on the detective – Sherlock. It seems that the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories have been amended on screen to suit the audience that watched them when they were made. This even goes back as far as the era of silent movies. Even that catchphrase ” Elementary, My Dear Watson ” or his trademark hooked pipe and deerstalker are all actually either from stage versions or those on TV and film, they never actually appeared in any of the original books that inspired the many versions that have been made.

So we now have yet another version of the fictional detective – this version is also inspired by a book not by Arthur Conan Doyle but by Mitch Cullen written in 2005 called ” A Slight Trick Of The Mind “. Ian McKellen now steps into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes. It is many years since Sherlock has occupied 221b or did he? which is explained in the movie, there is no Mrs Hudson and Dr Watson has long since parted ways with Sherlock. We now find Sherlock in 1940’s Britain having long since retired and tending to his bees at his seaside home tended to by a widowed housekeeper played by Laura Linney and her young son. She has lost her husband to the recent war and just sees this as a temporary placement, born more out a sense of convienence than of any sense of devotion.

Sherlock’s mind is not quite as sharp as before but he can still  occasionally size someone up with a look. But why has he retired ? It seems that the last case he worked on has not resolved itself fully and like a piece of meat stuck in one’s teeth,it seems it just can’t be dislodged from his inquiring mind. I won’t destroy the narrative of this story but suffice it to say that this unsolved case owes more to Sherlock’s passing years rather that the case not being properly solved.

Ian McKellen is ideal casting for this part and does an admirable job in the role. Whether you enjoy this movie or not will have a lot to do with whether you are a fan of being transported to the world of period drama. If you are a fan of Downton Abbey or any series set within this time period then you are sure to come out satisfied.

Who know what the next incarnation of the fictional detective might be ? That’s a mystery that even Sherlock might find too difficult to solve.

#Movies V Real Life

Even though Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character, when Arthur Conan Doyle killed him off there was such a clamour of despair, that many people felt like they had actually lost him for real. Eventually Arthur Conan Doyle had to bring him back to life ,such was the reaction to his fictitious death. Seems like you just can’t keep a good man down !!


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