Safety Not Guaranteed – Did This Movie Pass You By ?

Well I suppose it was bound to happen eventually there are some movies out this week but none that particularly appeal to me. So what does one do, leave you hanging with no movie review this week. No I would never do that ,so let me welcome you to a new feature ” Did This Movie Pass You By ? ” . There can sometimes be so many movies released that a few can slip through the cracks or it might have got a limited release through arthouse cinemas only. This is what happened with a movie called Safety Not Guaranteed released back in 2012.

Why bring this movie to your notice, well it is actually a great movie despite it’s budget being small. Another reason is that it’s director Colin Treverrow has directed the movie up for review next week Jurassic World which cost $ 175 million to make, this movie however was made for a much smaller  budget of $ 750,000 US dollars.

Let me set up the premise of the movie. A cynical journalist played by Aubrey Plaza spots a newspaper ad placed by a man who is played by Mark Duplass. In essense, the ad requests someone to go back in time with him, but states that safety can’t be guaranteed hence the title of the movie. More than once she questions his sanity but decides to play along to see where it leads. They go on a chase for machine parts to finish said time machine and the movie follows their path to complete the machine. I won’t give away the ending just to say that it is poignant and you will want to revisit this movie.

It shows that no matter what size of a budget you have to work with, a well written story will trump all the CGI fireworks in the world. A lesson there for many a filmmaker.

So if you happen to live either in Ireland or England, you can see it on Film4 – Channel 4’s free-to-air movie channel from Tuesday 9th June at 10.45pm till 12.25am, maybe set your recorder if you have work in the morning. Otherwise you can find it on DVD or you may also find it on one of the online movie streaming services. So check it out, a bit of a hidden gem.

If there is a quiet movie week again I will review another movie that may have passed you by, so keep your eyes peeled for the next little surprise.


Well Jaws is 40 this year – It started the phenomenon of the Summer blockbuster, tying products specifically to a movie’s release. In a time before CGI, more often than not the mechanical shark would not play ball and kept breaking down. Did you know that it does not appear till two-thirds of the way through the movie. Despite the fact that the shark was not even real, I bet there are still a few people who have not even darkened the door of their local swimming pool since seeing the movie. It also gave us the immortal line ” I think we need a bigger boat !! ” ad-libbed apparently by Roy Schneider’s character, as that silly shark had broken down again !! Sharks don’t seem quite so frightening, now do they ?


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