Man Up

As I sat there waiting for this movie to start, a trailer for another ” The Notebook ” clone came into the trailer reel. I have no plan to go and see this movie, so whenever this movie gets released no review will be forthcoming, sorry to those who might have expected one. This is weirdly because, despite the shortness of the trailer I feel that it actually it told me the whole story in under 3 minutes. Why do I mention this, well the movie for review this week is Man Up which only lasts 88 minutes. I am naturally very wary of movies that run under 90 minutes, as if my many years of movie going has taught me anything if it does not fit into the category of animation, student film or documentary it tends to end with me saying ” Well there goes that time out of my life ” there are of course exceptions, but as a rule I have found this to be so.

Anyway now to the review for this week. Enter the character of Nancy ( Lake Bell ) who finds herself on a train next to a woman Jessica ( Ophelia Lovibond ) who is reading a self help book of love, the two of them strike up a conversation, long story short Jessica passes her book to Nancy who she feels is in more in need of the advice in the book. Anyway they part at the train station. Now as it happens Jack ( Simon Pegg ) is waiting for said Jessica at the station with the self same book so they can recognize each other. Jessica as it happens has gone to buy another copy from the station bookshop, she does appear later in the movie but I digress.

Jack naturally thinks Nancy is Jessica, but unlike you or me who might say ” I think you have the wrong person “, Nancy does not correct Jack’s misunderstanding and things are going well for both of them on the date. Still with me here, are you ?

It is not till they decide to throw a trip to the bowling alley into their mix of their date night that the wheels come of the wagon, thanks to a rather creepy ex classmate of Nancy’s who has always had a soft spot for said Nancy. He tries to put more than one spanner in the works and is played expertly by Rory Kinnear. Well, he exposes Nancy’s subterfuge and Jack is none to pleased by this sudden turnaround in his romantic prospects.

Jack of course after a diversionary date with Jessica, realises nearly too late that it is Nancy not Jessica who is the person who really wants and he tries to track Nancy down to Nancy’s parent’s house where they are celebrating the parents 40th wedding anniversary which is where Nancy was heading to at the start of the movie. Rory Kinnear of course tries to divert Jack on his romantic love chase to find Nancy. Anyway I am sure you will realise how this movie ends up tying everything into a nice little rom – com pink bow. So I am not really giving away the ending.

In essence this movie is in the mould of Bridget Jones et al , so if you liked that movie there is a good chance that this movie will appeal to you also. Kudos should go in particular to Lake Bell for her flawless English accent, P.s If you get a chance track her down in a movie called ” In a World ” a little gem of a movie and worth checking out .

I really enjoyed this movie and I left the movie theatre with a warm fuzzy feeling,so if that is what you are in search of check this one out.


While it may look great in a romantic comedy scene.Well, is it just me or if you saw two people running headlong towards each in real life arms open wide, would you be able to stop yourself from shouting out ” Watch Out ” !!  Also there would be no romantic soundtrack to accompany the lovers embrace, such is real life.


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