Tomorrowland – A World Beyond

Just thought that I would let you know this, if you happen to live in America this movie is just called Tomorrowland. Why they decided to add that extra bit into the title I am not quite sure ?

Well don’t go and see this movie if you are a pessimist, this movie is aimed at the dreamers and optimists in the population of the world.

A wide eyed boy visits the New York World’s Fair and goes on the Disney ride ” It’s a Small World ” . Unlike you and me who just come out the other end singing that song, he has been given a pin by a girl Athena ( Raffey Cassidy ) and finds himself transported to a spectacular futuristic metropolis called Tomorrowland. Fast- forward in time and we encounter a wide eyed girl called Casey Newton ( Britt Robertson ) who also encounters this pin after being arrested for trespassing onto NASA lands to try and scupper the dismantling of a rocket launch pad. She touches the pin and is given a glimpse of this fantastical futuristic world, curiosity gets the better of her and she goes on a road trip with Athena who she finds out is not just a normal girl but an anamatronic android. She gets dropped by Athena at the house of Frank Walker ( George Clooney ) who we discover is that same young wide eyed boy, but he has become a much more grumpy and pessimistic person over time. We find out that he had been banished from this future world by head of this world David Nix played by Hugh Laurie. To tell you any more would spoil the story, but if you are still like that wide eyed boy or girl you will like this movie.

Is it a great movie, have Brad Bird – Director and Damon Lindelof sprinkled the Disney pixie dust over this movie. While the science fiction geeks and dreamers may find a lot to enjoy in this movie, I fear this may become another John Carter for Disney – that was based on a lesser known book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs who wrote the Tarzan books. Well it did not do as well they hoped at the box office and this may be the fate that awaits Tomorrowland, though I hope that this will not be the case for all the optimists of the world.

Will this become the next Pirates of the Caribbean for Disney, sadly I fear not. A good movie rather than a great movie, a bit like the Captain Nemo ride at Disney parks, whereas we all hoped that it would be Space Mountain.


You may have heard the expression ” In Space No – One Can Hear You Scream ” – the tagline for the movie Alien. Never a truer word spoken. Which kind of puts a bit of downer on all those sci – fi movies that we all love, Star Wars included.

The sound of an explosion in space – No Atmosphere !! – Nowhere for the sound to bounce off !! – Basic Physics !!

Oh dear Luke, blowing up the Death Star does not quite have the same spectacular ending !!


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