Pitch Perfect 2

The first thing you are asking me is how this movie stacks up to what came before. This is always the problem with bringing out a sequel to any movie. If the movie has even been even mildly successful. Hollywood can’t help itself and must bring out a follow up.

Despite myself I really enjoyed the previous movie and if you did you will probably like this one too. I can’t quite remember whether the previous movie had a racy script but it feels like this one has.

All the gang are back from the previous movie which always helps as we know everybody and all their little eccentricities.

The movie starts and how can I put this without offending anyone with Fat Amy ( Rebel Wilson ) having a wardrobe malfunction in front of invited guests including the president of the United States. This results in them being excluded from future colliagiate competitions and all seems lost for the Bardon Bellas. They do find out that this does not exclude them from international competitions and they are all set to travel to this international competition, enter their nemesis German cardboard cutout, heavy stereotyped and accented ” Das Sound Machine ” who are sponsored by a well known German car company.

There are one or two side stories thrown in for good measure Beca ( Anna Kendrick ) is an intern at a music recording company and soooh …. wants to be a music producer but finds it hard to balance her work with the Bardon Bellas and her new role. We also have the introduction of a new character Emily Junk, yes that is her name played by Hailee Steinfeld. She is initiated into the Bardon Bellas and soooh …. wants to be a singer/ songwriter.

Well I won’t be giving anything away by letting you know that everything turns alright for the Bellas in the end,in a” I guarantee that you will be singing along by the end ” final scene.

This movie was not really aimed at me and I think that it is because I grew up in a family of siblings who are all female that I have a soft spot for movies like this. I liked it and as I said earlier if you had seen the first movie and liked it you will probably enjoy this one too. Cue me bursting into showtunes lyrics despite myself. Fingers in ears people ” Oh the horror ”

I have decided to add a little section to my reviews that has nothing to do the movie of the week to leave you with a smile on your face.


In case you are ever tempted to try this out in your new sparkling brand new car. Remember that if you try to jump a gap left by a missing bridge and it always looks great fun in the movies, you will have to kiss goodbye to your suspension if you try it. You have been warned !!


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