Mad Max – Fury Road

As I had warned regular readers there was a chance that the testosterone would win out and so it has come to pass. When faced with the choice of Pitch Perfect 2 or Mad Max – Fury Road as you can see by the title above which one was the winner. Don’t worry though, I will get round to reviewing Pitch Perfect 2 as despite myself I really enjoyed the previous movie.

Sadly I am old enough to remember the previous incarnation of Mad Max and it’s two sequels. This movie in style at least owes more to those two movie sequels rather than the shoestring budget first one. Is this one a sequel or a prequel, I actually don’t really think that it matters as this movie has a storyline where you strap yourself in and enjoy the ride, much as a rollercoaster ride at a theme park.

Mad Max is now in the guise of Tom Hardy rather than Mel Gibson. Does this matter not really, as it is more about about the character of Furiosa ( Charlize Theron ) and actually the better for it.

The movie starts out with Furiosa escaping the clutches of this film’s baddie Immortan Joe and setting out over a post – apocalyptic martian – like scorched earth with a number of ladies who look like they have just stepped out of very glossy magazine shoot.  Mad Max finds himself in a posse sent out to bring back all of these ladies by Immortan Joe ( Joe Moore ) who sees these ladies as his own personal property . P.s Max is strapped the front of a very strange looking car at this point, but does manage to escape and hook up with Furiosa and it can feel sometimes that you are strapped where Max is, such is this movie.

Furiosa sets out over the desert for a good part of this movie looking for a mythical green land that has mentioned in legend. Then she only goes and does a U – turn two – thirds of a way through the movie and rush back to Immortan Joe’s lair with him and his posse in tow, who have been harressing her across the desert for most of the movie as fast as possible.

In another movie you might throw up your hands in disgust at this point. But this movie has such a quirky and bonkers storyline it really does not matter. At this point you have been in this world for so long you really don’t care.

It helps that original director George Miller has stepped back into the shoes of directing this movie as he knows the story and the world that the character of Mad Max inhabits. By all rights this movie should have been a turkey, but I am glad to say that it isn’t and there are worse ways of spending two hours of your life.

So never mind that you really don’t know what is going on for most of the movie. You will come out satisfied and that after all is all most of go to the movies for.


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