Spooks – The Greater Good

Not doing too bad this week, we are getting two for the price of one with a second movie review this week. To those who are unlikely to go see ” Far From The Madding Crowd “. Here is my full testosterone review of ” Spooks – The Greater Good “. Though the two movies are very different we do have a similar situation when it comes to reviewing this movie.

Do you have to have seen or read what came before ? Well thankfully for the first time viewer who has not seen the BBC series on which it based, no is the answer. With only Harry Pearce ( Peter Firth ) surviving from the TV series, such is the life of a modern spy.

The movie starts with a hand over by the C.I.A to M.I.5 of Qasim ( Elyes Gabels ) – standard Middle Eastern inspired baddie and in essence the M.I.5 fumble the ball and have to hand over their prize to his minions. This puts Harry in a bit of a sticky situation and Harry goes rogue. Didn’t that happen to James Bond once, anyway back to the review in hand.

Enter Will Holloway- ” Game Of Thrones ” ( Kit Harrington ) – did they just include him in the movie so that the boy / man could encourage his girlfriend / fiance / wife to come along to the movie. Admit it , you know you know have done it. I have been brought to many movies by the ladies in my life for very tenuous reasons. I really will have to stop this drifting off in my reviews. Visual me slapping my wrist.

Now I really must get back to this review. Well I am not really giving away any major plot points but you can guess how it goes. Will is sent on a mission to bring Harry Pearce back into the M.I.5 family and dispatch the baddie into the bargain. Insert action scene here and aerial shots of London and Moscow for good measure.

This is the type of movie that has a slow moving storyline, that is interspersed with action scenes.

Does it work – you ask ? It is interesting that I brought up James Bond earlier as this does feel like a James Bond movie with a smaller budget. If you happened to be a fan of the Spooks TV series you will probably go along for curiosity sake. It is a good movie but at the same time it won’t linger long in the mind and your brain will probably have moved onto something else by the time the bus reaches home.

Now where did I put my house keys, where is a spy when you need one !!

Don’t worry ladies in the audience, I will be reviewing ” Pitch Perfect 2 ” next week. The balance has been restored. Mmm !! On second thoughts maybe I might review the ” Mad Max ” remake next week – you will just have to wait and see. A little nervous are you ?


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