Far From The Madding Crowd

Just a quick apology to those that were expecting this review last week but just in case you have yet to see this movie, still thought it was worthy of review.

Let me say before I start into the review that if the movie happens to be based on a book. I will be reviewing the movie, rather than when it happens to be better than the book or not. Filmmakers due to an average movie’s running time have to make compromises with the storyline, so I feel that sometimes the comparison is unfair. P.s the book is written by Thomas Hardy.

But I digress, onto the review.

The movie starts with an introduction to the main character Bathsheba Everdene ( Carey Mulligan ), yes she did partially inspire Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Sorry getting off track again.

Bathsheba meets Farmer Oak ( Matthias Schoenaerts ) he takes a shine to her but being the independent woman that she is and that is quite something in 1870’s Dorset , she turns down his advances.

Good fortune smiles on her and she inherits her uncle’s farm. The next character to take a shine to her is William Boldwood ( Michael Sheen ) a quiet reserved man and throughout the movie we get to understand why this is the case. Bathsheba does something which she does in haste and she finds that she has to explain that his liking of her can’t be reciprocated straight away but promises that he will receive an answer back very soon.

Bathsheba despite herself finds her head turned by dashing soldier Francis Troy ( Tom Sturridge ) who found himself left at the alter by his potential bride ( Juno Temple ) through an unfortunate mix-up. Bathsheba and Troy marry but fairly quickly it is very obvious that this is not a great match. In essence Francis Troy still has a place in his heart for his previous love and goes off the rails.

To say anymore would spoil the ending – but it does end well for Bathsheba and you come out satisfied.

This movie style always has the danger of turning into a chocolate box / Jane Austen light adaptation.

Does this happen well sort of, but it does pull back from going down that Primrose path / soft focus route so to speak.

This movie will not appeal to everyone, I do not think that I will see a 15 year old boy going to see this movie. There are other movies at your local multiplex for them. So if you like this movie style, yes go see it. Maybe even bring along your Mammy, she will love it !!


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